About Us

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How did this craziness come about?

I have always had a love affair with special effect, whether makeup or physical.  Throughout some of my earlier years, I dabbled in stage makeup, but primarily on myself.

It was probably around 1998 when I began making FX Dental Appliances on a whim.

Easy? No!   Messy? Yes!   Too damned much fun? You bet!

That was it and I was on my way to becoming the crazy alchemist in the workshop. My daughter had shown interest and promise in the field, but alas, she found other intertests and followd her own path.  Bitten by the bug - I was here to stay.  And now it's 2019.

David Antonacci (a.k.a: The Alchemist)

What more can I say?  Married to the love of my life.  Children all grown.  Two have blessed us with grandkids to spoil and send home full of caffeine an sugar (kidding!).

  • - Breeders of Cane Corso, French Bulldogs and Sphynx cats.
  • - Animal Rescuers of Large Breed and Hard-to-Handle Dogs.
  • - Love cats of all sorts.
  • - Oh, crazy man with clay, silicones, gelatins and an airbrush!  Stand Clear!

My good friend Talont J Dub did this for me around May 2017.  God I look different now.